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Business Leisure Becomes the Blue Sea of Profit for Travel Agencies

2019/9/19 10:52:03
In recent years, business travel has been booming. According to the forecast of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the global business travel market will reach 1.6 trillion US dollars by 2020, and the business travel expenditure in Asia will reach 900 billion US dollars by 2025, accounting for half of the total global business travel expenditure. Since 2015, China has been the largest single market in this field, and it is expected to continue to grow at a rate of 6.5% per year by 2022.
Like personal travel, business travelers want personalized services throughout their journey. Therefore, travel agencies must give travelers the ability to obtain travel-related information at any time, and help them enjoy a relaxed and convenient travel experience from the moment they book. With the continuous integration of travel resources, travel agencies will be able to provide more choices for travelers based on their personal information. While creating customized experience for customers, they can also help enterprises better manage travel costs.
In addition, transparency in the trading process is also important. It is very important to display transparently the information of every transaction link of travel, such as vehicle, driver, location, route and so on. Travel agencies can deeply understand the whole journey of business travelers, create tailor-made travel experience, enterprises will also obtain travel records, and use relevant data for internal reporting, forecasting and trend judgment.
Relevant agencies predict that in the future, 60% of business travel will be transformed into business leisure travel. Business leisure travel refers to the combination of travel and weekend vacation or other leisure activities. This new form of business travel is very popular in Asia. According to a survey conducted by the Singapore Tourism Bureau, Asian businessmen are twice as likely to book trips, including weekends, as European businessmen. Travel agencies will face a blue sea of profits if they can adapt well to the needs of the Millennium generation and provide viable options. In order to remain competitive under this trend, business travel agencies should work with enterprises to create business trips that can meet the various expectations of travelers, such as flexible schedules.
In order to achieve these goals, mobile technology is crucial. Mobile technology is very important for different types of travel agencies, especially for travel. Business travelers tend to have tight schedules and busy business, so they prefer to communicate and manage their travel plans in an accessible way. This requires business travel agencies to fully optimize and connect on mobile platforms, collect mobile application data and make full use of them, and send targeted push information.

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