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The Internet Hotel with the Concept of Nobody Comes Out of the World

2019/9/18 9:48:57
In August 2015, a company named Xbed was founded in Guangzhou, two years before OYO entered the Chinese market. Four years later, the brand called "Internet + Hotel" has won a share of the domestic hotel market at a speed of opening a store every 36 hours.
The so-called "Internet Hotel" is defined by Xbed as room sharing, human resource sharing and full Internet operation, that is, to integrate and transform traditional hotels by means of Internet operation, to aggregate shared housing resources and services with Internet technology, to solve the high operating costs faced by traditional hotels, and to reduce consumer experience, etc. Pain point.
To make the hotel more high-end and intelligent, Xbed will uniformly decorate, cloth, wash, intelligent door lock and VI. The company has spent a lot of effort promoting its check-in process: equipped with smart door locks that allow customers to check-in directly on their mobile phones, brush face/fingerprint open doors, one-click call in-house cleaning, one-click shopping, and one-click check-out after check-in.
Xbed said that the company initially focused on decentralized sharing of housing resources, including apartments, accommodation, housing, hotels and so on. With the development of the market, the number of centralized hotels is increasing day by day. In 2019, XbedInn brand was officially added. The small micro-hotels (small hotels, accommodation, apartments) with less than 30 rooms were positioned. The brand was used uniformly to provide room renovation guidance, system implantation and operation upgrade. At the same time, the whole network traffic system of XbedInn was connected.
There are far more players in this market than Xbeds. In addition to the vigorous OYO mentioned earlier, there are also special brands in this subdivision of the track layout under the industry giants of the United States Corps, Ctrip and so on. As Zhang said, the market is still big enough for companies in the head to have opportunities. "This track has been proven to be a very capital-heavy track, so sustained financing, strategic losses and storytelling capabilities are important. Of course, after financing, the whole execution and landing should keep up, followed by team management and execution ability is also very critical.
Strong operational capability is the core that Xbed has been emphasizing. The company claims to develop a self-operating system of XMS hotel, which can realize the ability of full operation of hotels from small to one room. XbedInn relies on XMS system to standardize the store management. By means of system commander, the standard of store management is clear and stable, and the efficiency of "three people managing a hotel" is achieved. The above investors also pointed out that if we can expand on a large scale, there must be a systematic backstage system to support it. "You can't rely on people to manage people or operations to do services, because people will make mistakes. In fact, this scheduling system is quite efficient, but in the context of rapid expansion can continue to evolve iteration, is also a challenge for the company.

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