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The Fighting Ground of Stock Hotel

2019/9/17 8:55:16
On the one hand, the rapid expansion of OYO relies on its unique franchise mode, on the other hand, it indicates that there is a need for renovation and upgrading in a large number of hotels in the stock market. With the rapid expansion of chain hotels and the rise of network, the fate of single hotels becomes more embarrassing. The loss of visitors, the lack of professional hotel managers, and the over-reliance on OTA all make it difficult for individual hotels to survive. The emergence of OYO has given hotels a hope in the market of a large number of low-end stock.
As we all know, the flow of hotel and the guarantee of continuity of customers depend on the vitality of your hotel itself. Depending on your location, your decoration, your management and brand-changing, it may bring temporary effects, but it will not last for a long time, because you are only a new bottle of old wine. So for the vast number of individual hotels, joining OYO can only be a drink dove to quench thirst. Of course, what we call OYO can only be a representative. Those who follow or want to share a piece, such as H Hotel, have the same ending. Every franchise store just adds to the financial catalogue of people's capital operation.
Undoubtedly, chain hotel is not the only way out, but it is absolutely the most important, the most core, the most convenient and the most important way out. With the change of people's travel mode, the change of consumption concept and the popularization of smart phones, the future of single hotels is becoming narrower and narrower. For the stock hotels, where is their way out? No doubt, they are still chains. But OYO, H hotel chains have no meaning for the hotel owners, so re-positioning is very important.
The future is a war between Hotel giants. Standardized chain hotel brands are still the first choice in the stock Hotel market. Multi-brand and brand diversification are the direction for hotel groups to think, rather than fooling consumers with OYO brands.
The city orientation and price attribute of the stock hotel market determine that they can't entirely devote themselves to the fast hotel brand, but find new market direction, transform into small and beautiful economic brand, or choose some light and medium-sized hotel brand to join in. However, Hotels with strong bargaining power in the core areas of third-and fourth-tier cities, or high-speed railway stations, can upgrade and transform middle-grade hotels or even high-end hotel brands directly. On the other hand, we can constantly promote these hotel groups to innovate, develop more suitable brands for the stock market, or these hotel groups to achieve self-transformation and self-creation.
The City chain rate is high. Except for the good location and occupying special resources, it is difficult for the monomer in embarrassing situation to develop well. It generally exists in non-main streets, urban areas, or suburbs, suburban counties, old railway stations, bus stations, etc. It has no excessive bargaining power, but it has certain source cities. The competition is fierce. Low-cost light economy brand and light and medium-grade brand are still the first choice, some will be phased out.
The future is competition among large hotel groups, small brands will gradually be annexed, incorporated, or eliminated, so the fate of single hotels can be imagined. Nowadays, the three major groups in China are basically tripartite. The first group is like home, Huazhu and Jinjiang, which occupy half of the hotel chains. Other groups will gradually lose their core competitiveness. On the other hand, international brands will also occupy a certain market space.
For the future outlet of the huge stock Hotel market, it seems that we can all meet, one-third of the hotel market is going to die out, one-third of the hotel market is going to join the chain, and one-third of the hotel market will still depend on itself to survive. This is the "three-three-three rule" in the market reform. Then the hotel group's future market is still very large, one third of the stock market hotel needs to be renovated. Who can get the biggest share depends on the early layout ability, advanced innovative ideas, strong brand foundation, strong central channel platform, the research and development ability of advanced ideas according to local conditions, and solid human resources. Reserve. We look forward to the rebirth and strength of giants in this transformation.

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